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"Record" was recorded in 2002 by Paul Moritz, Kyle Redden, and Aaron Barondeau. The majority of it was recorded on a tape player in Moritz's basement and the rest on a JVC cd burner in Barondeau's room. "It is was most definitely an experiment and a LOW QUALITY recording. We had a show and wanted to have something to sell," stated Barondeau. However it was very well accepted at local punk shows in South Dakota. Very few original copies are in circulation.

© 2002

01. Intro Song------------------
02. Its Alright Paul------------
03. Albakirq (kuder Lips)-------
04. Miss All the Good Ones------
05. Brans-----------------------
06. Occasional Smoke------------
07. Bent on Propane-------------
08. Mary Poppins----------------
09. Ramen Noodles (skit)--------
10. Defression------------------
11. Slippin'--------------------
12. Jamie-----------------------
13. We How Tchue Hwah-----------
14. Shadow Man Meets Valium Dog-